Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great find!

I've got some great news for those of you with a champagne taste on a beer budget and have yet to purchase your dress yet!! As I was surfing along Priscilla of Boston's website (I like to peek at my dress every once in a while ;) ) I got this reallly cool little pop up! Apparently a new line named Jewel will be released in the next month at a much lower price tag than the other Priscilla of Boston lines. I did some research and found this article on that I figured I'd share with you all! While the prices aren't quite on the beer budget level they are about half of what you would normally expect from Priscilla! Hope you find your future dress!!

A new "Jewel" in the crown

In this gloomy economy, it's nice to look to fashion for a moment of respite and find a new line that is concerned with delivering elegance at more affordable prices. We are not in a frou frou moment, and this new collection dubbed "Jewel," debuting next month from the Priscilla of Boston bridal group, gets it completely right. Retailing from $1650 to $2950, it marries clean traditional silhouettes with exquisite beading and pleating, for an overall effect of restrained glamour. The drama is in the details here.

What's more, 11 of the 15 gowns will be available in Priscilla of Boston stores as early as April 11, so there's no waiting three or four months to see these gowns. Yesterday, I had a chance to meet Kelly Faetanini, the effervescent 24-year-old designer of the new line, who walked me through the collection so I could give readers a preview in advance of the formal presentation during New York Bridal Market in April.

Faetanini drew much of the inspiration for the collection from her love of ballet. And some common ballet themes run throughout the collection—interesting pleating, criss-crossing like the ribbons from ballet slippers, beading at the waistline that you might find in ballet costumes. "Ballet is feminine and romantic," she says, "And that is what this collection is about."

She used soft fabrics but gave them a formal structure that goes a long way to giving the classic, traditional bride options with new details. She researched ballet costumes from the 1920's onward, and even found inspiration from vintage jewelry—which you can see in the shape of the beadwork. Many of the gowns incorporate inverted pleats—and pockets—that are worked in a flattering way.

"I wanted to play with proportion a lot and lines to emphasize great areas on the body," she says, "A curve of the pleat can somehow shrink the body at the waist."

All except one of the gowns are strapless. And Faetanini gave a lot of attention to the necklines. "A lot of necklines from ballet have that very, very sensual deep V," she says.

There are some wonderful options for brides in this collection. For me, one of the most interesting incorporated netting over the skirt. It reminded me of the best of the dresses from the 1950's, but updated in a thoroughly modern way for today. It's a gown that would be great for twirling on the dance floor.

In the end, Faetanini wanted the dresses to have a glamourous and youthful feeling, which because of the fabric and the structure and the embellishments, they do.

Check back the first week of April when will show you the full runway presentation.


justinsbride143 said...

Thanks for sharing! I actually have an appointment at Priscilla of Boston tomorrow and I will have to ask about it! I would love to save some cash and still get a gorgeous gown! : )

Kyla said...

Those dresses were adorable, so cute!!!

Cat said...

I bought my dress from Priscilla as well:) I remember how hard it was to find something in my budget so this is a great idea! I ended up buying a Vineyard Collection dress that I absolutely LOVE! Happy Planning!!

alanna said...

oooh pretty and WOW i didn't realize how expensive wedding gowns are!

GingerSnap said...

Those dresses are beautiful!

Sarah said...

Did you see the actual photos of the line from last week. The dresses are really pretty.