Friday, May 15, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...Our Home :)

Well I mentioned yesterday that we were moving into a smaller apartment so that we could save money for a house. And I tell you, the road to here has been nothing but turbulent. As everyone knows it's a buyer's market. The gov't is throwing money at you ($8000 to be exact...details here) to buy a home and we are bound and determined to take advantage of that. But not only is there an abundance of homes out there...there are also an abundance of workers with no jobs...and as most of you know M is one of those lucky folks who got laid off a few months ago. Luckily he has found a new position in which he started this week, but little did I know ANY lapse in employment does not look so hot when looking for a home loan.

Fortunately my income alone should qualify us for exactly what we want but it's been a hard decision for me (and M) knowing that his name will not be on our home loan papers. It's a sobering and weird feeling when you are about to enter into the bonds of marriage but your home will not be bonded in the same way. Well enough about the logistics of the process let me show you the bad boy we have our eyes on..

Precious, yes?? It's a Centex home built just for us and should be ready to move in by October/November. Now this isn't quite the color we chose for the brick or the shutters but it gives you an idea about the style of what we are looking at. Is anybody else thinking of taking advantage of this economy/ govt moola to buy their first home??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

So much has gone on since my last posts and I've been so busy I haven't really been able to post about it! Let's start with the fun stuff:

My dress came in! It actually came in the same weekend as my party and all my family and friends got to see lil ole ME in MY OWN lil dress! I was pumped!!! And my irrational fears were pushed to the side...the dress fit like a glove! Now I just have to worry about staying this's always something with me!! My fam took tons of pics that I would love to share but a certain person who cannot view said dress tends to peek on the blog every once in a while. I will be honest though...I uploaded the pics at work...and look at them...often... Let's hope I don't get fired! Haha

Also the "Engagement Party" was a massive success! A ton of people showed up and I felt like it came and passed in a milli-second. Some friends of ours that got married in a gorgeous beach ceremony last year told me that's pretty much how the reception is as well. I'm just not sure I'm ready for a wham bam, thank you ma'am type reception!!! I want to be able to remember this thing I'm paying thousands of dollars for!! But it felt so funny, talking to people I had NO IDEA thier names (but I was sure pretending I did) and hugging people I wasn't even sure I'd met before. I'm sure some people thought I was nuts! The fun thing is now remembering these people's names now when I see them in Kroger :) haha But it was a fun didn't rain and my family and closest friends were surrounding me. I would say it was a success if just for that! I do have lots of candid shots to share...yay!

My bridesmaid from New Beginnings, Me, one of my MOH's and another bridesmaid

This one just added Caitlin from Think Happy Thoughts...she will be my Proxy :)

Cute boys!! Mr New Beginnings, M, and Mr H (from Think Happy Thoughts)

Also last weekend was Steeplechase here in Nashville...what is Steeplechase you ask?? It's Nashville's answer to the Kentucky Derby! It's where the to-do's around here dress up in our cute dresses, heels, and hats and head out to watch some horses run around a track! This was my 3rd year at Steeplechase and admittedly, my first year to actually see a horse! It was a year full of firsts actually! Every year it rains the day before Steeplechase but when the day breaks, the sun is always shining. NOT THIS YEAR!!! It was a muddy mess! It rained the whole night before and the whole morning of! When we went to drive into our tailgate spot, it was so bad...they wouldn't even let us drive onto the field. So we had to haul tents, coolers, food, and chairs all in the mud and muck. But it was a blast! We had to ditch the shoes and pretentiousness and let the mud ride up to our calves!! We saw some hilarious falls due to too much drinking + slippery conditions! Unfortunately I only took pictures of us minus the mess but the memories will last me a lifetime!

M and I waiting for the tailgate stuff to get there!

A gorgeous group of friends! :)

Us hat was quite floppy after it got wet :(

Some girlfriends from Nashville

And my fav pic of ALL TIME!! My bridesmaid's hat was also quite floppy!! haha Good times, good times :)

And the not-so-fun stuff:

We are still not done moving! Oh my goodness...we were supposed to be moved in on May 4th but with all the crazy stuff we have been doing we have had no time to move! We decided to downgrade to a smaller apartment so we could save money to add to our downpayment for a house. We are currently in this massive 2 bdrm 2 bath apartment that is really just more than we ever needed so we figured why not just save a little cash by moving into a smaller apt. Problem is...I have waaaaaaay too much crap! And it's taking decades to move it. Hopefully we can get it all moved out by Sunday but we have a shower to go to Saturday for some friends of M's that are getting married so who knows! Ahhhh wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey Pretty...

Oh my word...I think I'm in love! If these bad boys weren't in the hundreds of dollars these Christian Louboutins would be gracing my feet on wedding day!

Source: precious is that picture?! Now I have been searching all day for something similar to don my feet and I'm coming up empty handed! Anybody have anything close? I'll take any and ALL suggestions! How many of you chicas are wearing a shoe in a color other than white??

Friday, May 1, 2009


It's raining, it's know the rest! Boo on the rain... Of course it's sunshine and rainbows every single weekend in April and this weekend looks like nothing but rain in the forcast. Whatever happened to April Showers bring May flowers??? And usually I wouldn't mind but it's the weekend of our "Engagement Party" and we have a weekend full of festivities planned including golf for the boys, seeing my dress, laying out, and of course the party out by the pool! I guess if the stubborn rain comes we'll just all hang out in the house but it's just such a bummer!
Rain, rain go away!! I guess I'd rather have rain now than on my wedding day! ;) Anyways I'll be back on Sunday with plenty of pictures of our rainless (hopefully) "Engagement Party"!