Friday, May 1, 2009


It's raining, it's know the rest! Boo on the rain... Of course it's sunshine and rainbows every single weekend in April and this weekend looks like nothing but rain in the forcast. Whatever happened to April Showers bring May flowers??? And usually I wouldn't mind but it's the weekend of our "Engagement Party" and we have a weekend full of festivities planned including golf for the boys, seeing my dress, laying out, and of course the party out by the pool! I guess if the stubborn rain comes we'll just all hang out in the house but it's just such a bummer!
Rain, rain go away!! I guess I'd rather have rain now than on my wedding day! ;) Anyways I'll be back on Sunday with plenty of pictures of our rainless (hopefully) "Engagement Party"!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

You're right about better now than on your wedding day. Also- aren't you all moving? Moving in the rain is a big stinker! Enjoy your party :)