Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best Wedding Day EVER!!

Hey bloggy friends!!

I know I was pretty much non-existant last week but I have some A-MAZING recaps for you all! I'm going to finish up my vendor recaps for all you Nashville brides to be (and I had some GREAT ones) that I want to share while I'm waiting for pictures!

Now I'm packing up for Hawaii and we can't wait to get there! It's so great that I'm a MRS :) I can honestly say I wasn't nervous at all and we had a very busy, peaceful day! Pictures to come!!

Love you all and see you all when we get back (I have about a million posts in my Reader) that I just can't get to tonight!! Congrats also to LauraAnn at The Beginning of Forever, we share the same wedding day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

C + M

I'm such a slacker! I've had these little beauties hanging out in my inbox for quite awhile, I just haven't gotten around to sharing them!!

My good friend Shea Halliburton is a genius with a camera. Her pictures are so natural, she caught M and I in our most regular of situations. She masters lighting and gave us pictures that are literally timeless! I've already planned where a few are going in our home...which I also need to update pics of!! She took us to the craziest places here in Nashville, places I didn't even know existed! We even ran into a couple of barking dogs and asbestos warnings! :) To check out the slideshow check out . To see all the pics, click the little arrow down in the bottom right hand corner, then the little shopping cart for our entire session! So without any furthur hesitation, I'll share my favorites!!

If you would like, check out Shea's full website... . She is amazing and offers her services at an amazing price as well!! 9 DAYS!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Day Attire!

I'm not talking dresses or veils, I'm talking the important and purses!!

So unfortunately Christian Louboutins were not in our wedding day budget so these pretty darlings will not be donning my feet

But these will!

I picked up these little cuties on sale at Macy's for like $50 bucks and they are perfect! While they are no Christian Louboutin's they are a great fit! Because I'm so tall I couldn't have had a heel as high as those precious little Louboutins. You like how I'm talking myself out of them little by little?? Haha, but no I really love my little splash of color under my dress!

I also picked up this darling little clutch for all those wedding day necesities: make-up touch ups, my iPhone, and probably a hair brush. It's so freaking cute and it matches my dress perfectly! I picked it up at Ann Taylor loft for a whoping $14.99 marked down from $69! Don't I love a bargain? I also picked up some cute little gold sandals for $9.99...oh yeah!

This weekend I also picked up my wedding earrings! They are cluster pearl dangling earrings and were the perfect compliment to the pearls that I got for High School graduation!

Lots of shopping I've done lately! Looks like I'm all figured out attire-wise EXCEPT for my garter. I'm completely stumped as to what I'm looking for.
Any help girls? I know there are some wonderful etsy goodies out there!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A boy and his toys :)

This weekend we got in our car and drove 6 1/2 hours to visit my parents in Mississippi. And while we were there we visited with good friends and family...and we had a shower!! It's so funny how the shower that was thrown by my parents friends (who haven't even met M) gave him more than any other shower thrown by M's parent's friends! He had a great time!! M got a leaf blower, a chainsaw, and....drum roll please A GRILL!!!

We went and picked it up tonight from our local Home Depot and I tell you M was like a kid in a candy shop! He picked out stones to go underneath it so it will be good and ready for our guests to start rolling in next Wednesday night! And what's a shower post without some good ole fashioned pictures?!?

First gift of the day!

That's an excited face if I've ever seen one!!

Look at all the gift helpers we had! I think they opened more of our presents than I did!

I think we know what's in there! Haha what a great way to wrap a chainsaw!!

My Memaw handmade us matching aprons with our schools on them, University of Tennessee and Mississippi State University! She said she heard we were getting a grill and couldn't resist :) How cute is that!

Our festive bow hats!!

So sorry about the quality of the pics, we saved them on a disc and obviously we didn't save them in good quality! A great time was had by all in MS and I definitely miss hanging out with my parents and my little sister. I can't believe I'll see them in just a short week!! It's sneaking up on us!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy Moly!!

All I can say is W-O-W. I just logged into the Knot and it was so kind to inform me that we have 16 days until our wedding. Really The Knot?! As if I wasn't counting down the days myself and realizing every hour that passed is another hour I'm not getting back. Am I freaking out, you ask? Join me, won't you!

Haha! Honestly I'm not all that freaked out. At this point the few things that I have left on my To Do list are not that important (minus the Programs and our Wine Labels) and if they don't get done, they just don't get done!

Last night I met with my planners and they pretty much told me I'm in the home stretch! Other than making sure someone would be able to bring a few items over to the reception venue, I'll all good! I am putting my lovely friend (and Proxy) Caitlin at Think Happy Thoughts in charge of that task! She has happily obliged!!

Today we are taking off early and getting our Marriage License (bout time huh?) and doing our first tasting! Yuuuummmy! Then we are headed off to Mississippi for another shower!

Because I don't want to leave you with no pictures, I'll share some of 3rd aVenue South, our reception venue. I know I have yet to share pictures but the place is awesome. It's right downtown (a block from Broadway), has an open floor plan with a loft area and a secret passageway so the wedding party will be able to come in unnoticed! For those of you without a venue...check it out! Laurie is super helpful and pretty much lays everything out on the line for you!!

The Loft area

When you walk in :)

All images are from or by David Wright Photography.

It's so close I can taste it!! But I promise I'll be back with my make-up trial and photos from the last two showers that we have had! We're in the home stretch!!