Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Day Attire!

I'm not talking dresses or veils, I'm talking the important stuff...shoes and purses!!

So unfortunately Christian Louboutins were not in our wedding day budget so these pretty darlings will not be donning my feet

But these will!

I picked up these little cuties on sale at Macy's for like $50 bucks and they are perfect! While they are no Christian Louboutin's they are a great fit! Because I'm so tall I couldn't have had a heel as high as those precious little Louboutins. You like how I'm talking myself out of them little by little?? Haha, but no I really love my little splash of color under my dress!

I also picked up this darling little clutch for all those wedding day necesities: make-up touch ups, my iPhone, and probably a hair brush. It's so freaking cute and it matches my dress perfectly! I picked it up at Ann Taylor loft for a whoping $14.99 marked down from $69! Don't I love a bargain? I also picked up some cute little gold sandals for $9.99...oh yeah!

This weekend I also picked up my wedding earrings! They are cluster pearl dangling earrings and were the perfect compliment to the pearls that I got for High School graduation!

Lots of shopping I've done lately! Looks like I'm all figured out attire-wise EXCEPT for my garter. I'm completely stumped as to what I'm looking for.
Any help girls? I know there are some wonderful etsy goodies out there!


Future Mrs. H said...

My good little hen - you should get two garters - one gorgeous one and a UT one so when Mr Watkins goes downtown to pull it off he'll be all surprised and confused! Then he can toss the UT one and you can keep your pretty one forever! Def go to Etsy and get something pretty n pink but a lil sassy too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your shoes!!

Be sure to check Etsy for garters!! Many cute ones on there!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ooh I love those earrings!

Jen said...

GREAT shoes and LOVE the earrings!!

LauraAnn said...

Very cute! I have those same shoes and they are very comfy!!!

As for garters....I highly recommend The Garter Shop which is owned by MondeDesign on Etsy. I LOVE my garters!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI - something BIG is happening at Sunshinemeg tomorrow!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great finds!