Monday, August 10, 2009

A boy and his toys :)

This weekend we got in our car and drove 6 1/2 hours to visit my parents in Mississippi. And while we were there we visited with good friends and family...and we had a shower!! It's so funny how the shower that was thrown by my parents friends (who haven't even met M) gave him more than any other shower thrown by M's parent's friends! He had a great time!! M got a leaf blower, a chainsaw, and....drum roll please A GRILL!!!

We went and picked it up tonight from our local Home Depot and I tell you M was like a kid in a candy shop! He picked out stones to go underneath it so it will be good and ready for our guests to start rolling in next Wednesday night! And what's a shower post without some good ole fashioned pictures?!?

First gift of the day!

That's an excited face if I've ever seen one!!

Look at all the gift helpers we had! I think they opened more of our presents than I did!

I think we know what's in there! Haha what a great way to wrap a chainsaw!!

My Memaw handmade us matching aprons with our schools on them, University of Tennessee and Mississippi State University! She said she heard we were getting a grill and couldn't resist :) How cute is that!

Our festive bow hats!!

So sorry about the quality of the pics, we saved them on a disc and obviously we didn't save them in good quality! A great time was had by all in MS and I definitely miss hanging out with my parents and my little sister. I can't believe I'll see them in just a short week!! It's sneaking up on us!!


Jen said...

What a great shower! Love the bow hats and how they included your fiance in the shower!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks like you both had a great time!

Nat said...

It looks like a blast!!! Men love their toys!

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