Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vendor Review: 3rd aVenue South

How much did I love 3rd Avenue South?? LOTS!! It was in the perfect location for us! A block off of Broadway it really fit the bill for a fun, party place that we could transform into our own! You can view lots of pictures of the venue at www.nashvilleeventspace.com under View Local Venues or my previous post about it here. The venue costs include tables, chairs, linens, plates, food, bartenders, pretty much everything. The planner there, Laurie, really tells you like it is. She has a great view of what you want and how to make it happen. She maximized our seating for our budget (we did have to stretch it a little to get everything we wanted) and created gorgeous intimate spaces for the guests to be away from the hustle and bustle of the dance floor.
Laurie created multiple scenarios for us depending on guest count and set up appointments with the in-house caterer who I will brag on later! She does also offer her services as your full on planner and her prices are pretty in line with most other planners in Nashville. If I hadn't already decided that I wasn't in need of one, I probably would have hired her. She put everything together for us the night of the reception, drinks and food ready when we got there, she boxed up our to-go food, and quietly made sure we were happy...and we were, we really were!!
The cost of 3rd aVenue South is the biggest thing though, it's not cheap. When I originally called she estimated at least $100 a head, which was more than I wanted to pay for just the reception. We shopped around and really didn't find another place downtown that would be totally transformable like 3rd aVenue was...so I called back and said... "This is what I have, can we make it work?" She agreed at first, then called me back and said she had been thinking about it and it was going to be tight. She went over everything and it's cost and politely asked if I had any other funds we could throw towards it. I did, I had low-balled it bc I've worked in Sales for 3 years and knew how this would play out. When we agreed on the price, I signed in confidence bc I knew she would be honest with me and lay it all out. While it was still kinda close to the $100 a head mark, it was under and I got alot more than I could have wished for!!
So 3rd aVenue: A+, would recommend anytime!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Where did you have your rehearsal dinner? We're stuck. I'm taking any and all suggestions. You can email at garrison.se@gmail.com