Monday, October 12, 2009

Vendor Review: Scarritt Bennett Chapel

Almost every bride in Nashville knows about Scarritt Bennett! It's actually called Wightman Chapel at Scarritt Bennett but not many people remember it that way. Its one of the hardest places to schedule a date with and the workers who schedule those dates are very accommodating! I called NUMEROUS times to see when they had available dates and they were always very nice and never made me feel like "here's that girl again..." You can catch up on my booking it here!

Now after the fact was just a little bit different. I understand it's a busy place and they book back to back weddings/rehearsals but there was no need to act like they did regarding time slots. I'm almost always late, it's just my thing. Well the day before the wedding was crazy! I had to pick up my dress, get it to the hotel, get our nails done, I was a little late to the Rehearsal, well about 38 minutes late. The FIRST thing the coordinator for Scarritt said to me was "If you are not out of here by 1 minute after six, I'll have to charge you extra". These people LOVE to charge you for stuff... they threatened to charge me there, they did charge me to use microphones, if you want to bring snacks or drinks, all sorts of crazy stuff. For what they charge to use the place (a cool $1750 is the going rate for 2009, it goes up $50 every year) I should have been able to spend the night there if I wanted!!!

The staff also threw stuff away in the brides room, including my dress my poor little dress has no home. :( They just weren't that warming, actually pretty bitchy! Like I said, I get that they book stuff tight to make the most money, but there's no reason to be ugly to people. But they will continue to do it because the venue is GORGEOUS! Even with the experience, it's not enough to say that I would chose somewhere else. I couldn't have been happier with my choice!!

So chapel: A++++, Coordinator's attitude: D- Booooooo


Cat said...

I've never heard a review about the staff of Scarritt Bennett but I can imagine. I remember seeing some of the reps at a bridal show in early 2008 and they were already booking through spring of this year. It's definitely popular!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Going off of what Cat said- I've never heard a positive review of Scarritt Bennett, other than the obvious. It's gorgeous! It's like what I'm dealing with at the Cathedral right now. PAIN. IN. MY. BUTT.

Anonymous said...

Only good for reception. There are some negative reviews on citysearch regarding the staff:

Future Mrs. H said...

Umm that coordinator was a big BIA. But the chapel was gorgeous and your ceremony was so beautiful I cried like a baby (I am totally serious... I also kept sniffling and wiping my nose on my hand b/c I didn't have a tissue and the people around me probably thought I had some sort of problem).