Monday, February 23, 2009

Going to the Chapel!

Since I didn't grow up here in Nashville, I'm not too familar with the venues around here. I don't belong to a church or frequent any chapel so I figured finding a ceremony location would prove to be difficult. That's where M comes in! He has been to multiple weddings around here and his favorite location by far was the Wightman Chapel at Scarritt Bennett on Vanderbilt's Campus! This has been his one and only request so I figured I would at least go look at it. Well I'm sure glad I did! Wightman Chapel is elegant and simple, breathtaking and serene, and oh so classic. I was in love :) All it took was booking the place. Being that it is so beautiful, it books up quite the time I had called (a WHOLE week after I got engaged in August) there were only 3 dates open in 2009! One was in January, one was in Feburary (both too soon) and the last was Nov 7th. It was a lot longer than I wanted to be engaged for and I wasn't really excited about the weather but it was important to M, so it was important to me. I asked them to put a "7 day courtesy hold" on November 7th and called everybody I knew to ask what they thought about November.

I had come to peace with having a cold wedding and decided on the 7th day to book the place, just like the procrastinator I am. Definitely good timing on my part...right before I was about to fork over the moola, I asked ONE LAST TIME if they had any more dates in 2009. She put me on hold and came back with a "Why yes, we have August 22nd available now". It was all I could do to contain myself! I called no one, I thought about nothing, I gave her the credit card number with NO hesistation. And with that we had two big decisions made in one, our ceremony location and our date! If only the rest could be that easy! Now I will share with you all where we will be saying our I do's!

I cannot wait! The reception locale: COMING SOON!


Cat said...

I love Scarritt Bennett! Great choice!!