Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To See or Not to See...

To see or not to see...that is the question for so many brides! Nowadays with brides having so many decisions, figuring out whether or not they want to see thier groom before the ceremony is usually the last thing on theirs minds. But I definitely think the decision should be weighed very heavily between you and your husband-to-be. There are many pros and cons to both decisions:

The great thing about not seeing your groom beforehand is the anticipation you will have to see him! The moment you see each other as you are being escorted down the aisle will be your first glance at each other on your big day. Tears, anxiousness, and looks of joy and excitement will surely be present and what a photo that will be! You'll also know that you have been a part of a time honored tradition which many many brides before you have been a part of...how awesome is that?!

1st photo is a friend, Sharon Wilber via Facebook, 2nd photo is byshea.com (my photographer!)

But then what about just seeing him?? I mean seriously who cares about tradition! I kid, I kid...but think about it. If you see your man before the ceremony you can get one of those awesome shots of your first look at each other. Its a great, sincere moment that is shared between just the two of you. You also have time to get all those family and wedding party shots in before your ceremony so you can book it your reception! And what's a wedding without being able to spend as much time as you can celebrating your marriage with family and friends!?

Both photos are from byshea.com

I think it's obvious as to which is my favorite! ;) I personally know that seeing M before the ceremony will calm me and assure me that all is right in the world. I'll look at him and know that it won't matter if everything isn't just perfect. And I'm sure some really precious photo will come of it. I will however have a pretty good mix of both here. I plan on taking a hiatus from him about 3 days before the wedding so that moment on our wedding day will be every bit of sweet it can be and there is so much anticipation that we can't stand it.

The tough thing will be convincing M this is a good idea. We spend just about every waking moment together (we live together, work together, and everything in between) and he just about refuses to do much of anything without me. When we are separated we text like teenagers and annoy everybody around us. And I'm not really sure where we will stay if we separate so I have to hash all that out as well.
What do you guys think, to see or not to see?