Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pink and Orange and Green, OH MY!

For those that know me I'm sure it comes to no surprise that we have chosen pink, orange, and a splash of green for our colors. This choice didn't come hard, it was actually very easy. You see I'm obsessed with pink. Just about everything I own can be found in some variation of pink so I knew that it wouldn't be my special day without it. Color #1: DOWN.

Also M is a HUGE FAN of the University of Tennessee. He graduated from UT and has an immense amount of school spirit!! If UT is playing in any sport, you better believe we are watching it. Football, basketball (men's and women's), baseball...I'm pretty sure if they had a hockey team, we'd be watching it. And boy do they love their orange! While my love for pink comes in just about every shade (except for that really pale pink that tends to look dingy and old-ladyish) M's love for orange comes in ONE SHADE: UT orange. It's hard to describe but isn't hard to miss. It's bright, it's loud, it's fun, and if you are a Mississippi State Bulldog like myself, it's quite annoying! Luckily I am more in love with M than I am pink and the two colors just happen to embody everything we want in a reception: a fun trendy atmosphere that SCREAMS happiness! COLOR #2: DOWN

Color #3 wasn't a long drawn out decision. I made a collage of cute things I found in magazines and online and put them in a book. We met with a couple of florists and they all brought to my attention that in just about everyone of the photos, there was a bright green accent. They also didn't want me to be too matchy matchy, which I have a tendency to do! So....COLOR #3: DOWN!

Yay the fun stuff! I get to decorate and make things all cute. I'm thinking lots of roses and orchids and something really cool called blupereum. I'm super excited that decor is one less thing I have to worry about.

Now on to bridesmaids dresses!