Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bride vs. Groom

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is not a real holiday. It is no one's birthday nor day of significance for any country. It was a holiday created to get people to buy things, pretty things like flowers and candy and teddy bears holding hearts...and I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT! :) The colors pink and red are everywhere and it pretty much forces everybody to bake something, I myself made cupcakes! A real shocker, yes. I didn't burn them or under cook them, I'm so proud. Anyways M and I planned to go to eat dinner at Carrabas and then see Confessions of a Shopaholic. We figured we'd start to go eat at around 5pm (we figured there would be a long wait) then catch the movie at 7:50pm. We did call ahead seating and arrived at 5. As we were walking in we heard it was a 2 hour wait! We gave our name at the front desk and thank the lord we did call ahead...the waitress told us we had a 20 minute wait. Woo hoo! We settled ourselves at the bar and before we could finish one drink we were being seated. We enjoyed a wonderful carb-enriched dinner and were out by 6:30pm.

That left us with a ton of time and not so much to do. So we headed over Indian Lake which is this outdoor mall where the theater is located. There's a Victoria's Secret and some other real fun stores. So we did all the shopping we could do so we decided to stop in on Barnes & Nobles. As we were casually walking down the aisles we ran into this book:

And the fun began! We spent about 45 minutes asking each other the questions. Questions like "What is one food your bride cannot live without?" and "If your groom could be any superhero, who would he be?". It was hilarious! We talked and laughed and when it was time for our movie we just had to buy it! Sure Confessions was cute and it was funny, but I couldn't wait to get home for us to finish our game!