Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Planners

I could never be a wedding planner. It sounds fun, it sounds glamorous, it sounds easy...but being right here in the middle of it, I can tell you it's not! I can barely handle all that has to do with my wedding much less handle multiple brides all wanting different things at different times. God bless these wedding planners, I need me one of those :)

I am in the process of planning what I thought was a pretty simple wedding, nothing too fancy. I want the closest thing to a party atmosphere I can get, nothing too wedding-y. Yet I feel myself falling into the trap of stress. Stress from the fact that no matter how "simple" I want my wedding to be, it's still my WEDDING. The one and only wedding I'm ever going to have! And I also have this need to be perfect. Perfect dress, perfect place. That also means perfect address labels. It sounds minuscule right... So why do I find myself stressing over the smallest things that have to do with my wedding? Especially when I feel like there is so much more to do that is so much bigger.

Let's see what I've got left to do:

1. Find Ceremony Musicians
2. Pick out Bridesmaid Dresses
3. Order Wedding Invitations
4. Pick out our Officiant
5. Order Favors
6. Book Transportation
7. Pick out Menu
8. Price out Liquor
9. Pick out the boy's tuxes
10. Decide vision of reception

I'm sure there is more but I feel like I've got the important stuff pretty much nailed down. We have the photographer, florist, ceremony venue, reception venue, caterer, DJ, and all our rings (we only had M's to get!). So I guess all that's left to stress, I mean, think about IS the small stuff. So I guess I just get to keep on keeping on... and hope this doesn't end up being me.