Sunday, February 1, 2009

We went to Jared!

So you think with all we have left to do, Saturdays would be jam packed with activities. Meeting florists, caterers, shopping for bridesmaids dresses and such. Well if you know either M or I you know we are massive procrastinators! The first half of the day was dedicated soley to our new obsession: watching House seasons. We are currently on Season 3, disc 2 and loving every minute of it! Netflix is like crack... we find ourselves checking the mail a couple times a day waiting for the next round of discs to come in. Worth every penny of the $10 bucks a month we pay for it. And now I'm rambling..haha...back to the point.

Well we decided to get our lazy selves out of the house and go ahead and get M's wedding band. Which was a daunting task because I think that every person that was in the place was looking at wedding bands! So we waited patiently until it was our turn. Luckily this was supposed to be a quick trip, we had already picked out what he wanted a few months before. Little did I know, our trip would not be so fast. So we give them the card they gave us last time with the sku number on it...and they couldn't find it! So we looked around and around and tried on and tried on. Finally he picked out a ring that we thought was what he picked out before and we bought it...easy huh? Not so much. This is what we bought:
And this is what he picked out MONTHS ago:

So now we are trying to decide...which to keep?? We have 30 days to figure it out...any advice??