Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GapKids Casting Call!

Bloggy friends,

I need some help from you and your bloggy friends! My littlest sister Logan really wants to be in GapKids... just so happens there was a GapKids Casting Call and she entered!

God bless her she's six and just as precious as she could be! I'm not sure she has a fighting chance but I don't want her to just get 4 votes and feel terrible.

So I need a favor, if you could just go and vote for her I would be FOR-EVER grateful! You can vote everyday, once a day until Nov 17th!

The link is here. If you can't find it there go to http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall and her Member Name is MelLogGar.

I'll attach some pictures :) from of course our WONDERFUL photographer Shea Halliburton!

Thanks girls!! Posting and re-posting is a-ok by me...any help is appreciated! :)


Mrs. Bear said...

I voted!!! Good luck little Logan!