Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Recaps: Bride + Groom

These are my most favoritest pictures ever... some of them are just so freaking sweet I can barely stand it.  We are going to hang almost every single pic somewhere in our home I'm sure!

So here is our first look... WARNING: Picture Overload!

Here I come!

Hey sweetie!

Come hither ;)

Look at my purrrdy dress!

Matthew's grooms gift...shhhhh it's an iPhone!

My something blue!!!!!

Is this the most sneaky look ever?? I couldn't wait to get my Something Blue!

I heart my David Yurman!  My man takes hints, see the story here :)

Poor little Matthew had this one hair that would NOT sit down... I was trying to fix it...with no luck.  That little hair will make many appearances later... haha

And here come the framers...

Don't know why but it's so sweet to see Matthew holding my little train!

See the wild hair?? haha 

Who doesn't love a good "Groom holding the bouquet" shot?!

My 2nd favorite photo!  Don't'll see my #1!

I love the way my dress looks in this notsomuch lol

Patiently awaiting the ceremony to start, so peaceful

I love all these pictures...the most fun I have is trying to find that wild hair!  I laugh everytime I see it! 
Is it bad that posting these makes me want to put my dress back on and dance around the house?!

Next up: Ceremony!

** All photos unless noted are by the GLORIOUS Shea Photography. Check her out at :)


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U look gorgeous..

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Those pics are absolutely gorgeous!!
<3 Sam
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amanda boykin said...

Love the pics!! Beautiful!! :)