Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding Recaps: The Girls

While the boys were taking pictures around the chapel, us girls were striking a pose in another part of the grounds.  Everything was so pretty, so there was a photo opp everywhere!  I'll now introduce you to my lovely girls!

This is Maid of Honor #1, my best friend Sarah Bear :)  We are equal halves of each other and I couldn't see my wedding without her standing right beside me.  I know I'll be there when her day comes along as well! We met in High School and have been inseperable ever since!

Maid of Honor #2 happens to be Virginia and boy is this girl crazy!  I also met her in High School when I entered her and Sarah's "group" and we three became the Infamous Trio!  We never left each other's side! There is never a dull moment with ole VA and I'm so excited she's moving back to the south!

I met Miss Linds in college when three crazy events happened...1) she just so happened to be behind me in line our first night as Phi Mu's 2) she became Sarah's lil sis in Phi Mu and 3) she started dating one of our best guy friends.  After that we had to be friends :)  She embarked on our trip to Nashville with me to follow a boy that wasn't Matthew (that's another story altogether!) and is now dating one of Matthew's groomsmen...coincidence?? I think not ;)

Stephie is another wild child and I'm so thankful Lindsey introduced us all.  She's also engaged and I can't wait to be in her wedding in June.  She has a darling daughter and an amazing fiance and is always there when you need her!

And last but not least Anna Banana!  I've known this chicky since Junior High when she bit my shoulder in the lunch room.  We were fast friends from there on!  We roomed together in college and were also Phi Mu sisters!  I was in her wedding last year and have turned to her for all things newleywed and domestic!

And these darling girls are my Flower Girls, Logan and Alana.  Logan is my half sister and Alana is her best friend!  She didn't want to walk down the aisle by herself so she invited Alana to walk with her!  They are the sweetest little things and oh so polite! 

I love my girls!!

Next up... Our First Look and some of my FAVORITE pictures!

** All photos unless noted are by the GLORIOUS Shea Photography. Check her out at :)


Angela said...

gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love the dresses and the flowers and how they really make these pictures pop! I think we had the same flower girl dresses.. LOVE THEM!!

alanna said...

oh my gosh, you picked a great color scheme - your flower colors are seriously phenomenal, i am SO jealous!! just gorgeous!!

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