Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wedding Recaps: The Boys

Now it's the guys turn and boy are these dudes awesome!  If I must say so myself we had the most attractive group of groomsmen/groom there ever was!  Hey I can be biased right?

The guys were done getting ready and went to take their group pictures.  Why is it so much easier for guys to get ready than girls?!  So unfair...

Matthew and his Best Man #1 Mr. Bear ( Mrs Bear's other half from Think Happy Thoughts )

Best Man #2 is Matthew's dad

This is one of my favorite picture of all time!!  Shea just told them they should kiss... and this was their honest reaction!!  Matthew and Sam were not so keen on the idea :)

Here is Matthew's younger brother Taylor. He's a High School senior and we are hoping he becomes a Tennessee Vol as well!

And last but not least, Matthew's fraternity brother Rockoff... one of the NICEST and funniest guys I've ever met!!

** All photos unless noted are by the GLORIOUS Shea Photography.  Check her out at byshea.com :)


alanna said...

oh so handsome! and i love your color scheme!

Mrs. Bear said...

Aw what a bunch of handsome men... especially that Mr. Bear... ow ow!