Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled posts to share my excitement!!


I've been a pretty closet fan b/c I have this serious knack for jinxing teams at all levels and I REALLY wanted the Aint's to finally turn to the SAINTS!! 

Growing up, Nawlins was a mere 3 hours from my hometown so it was a fun short drive vacation spot.  In college, I went to many many formals down there and when Katrina hit, it was a completely different place.  It tore the city up and  I even called my favorite little clothing store in the Garden District to see if they made it out ok.  Going to Mardi Gras was just different after Katrina, a little more dangerous and the crowds just not as packed.  Luckily New Orleans didn't get hit as bad as the Mississippi Gulf Coast but I can still remember watching Shepard Smith anchoring from a hotel on Bourban when the hurricane hit. 

It's unbelievable that just a few years after the Super Dome was full of people that had no homes and chose not to leave their city that a football team of this calliber came barrelling out of it!!  I secretly made a Saint's shirt since there were NO SAINTS memorbillia to be found here in Nashville and I'm gonna say that it was my homemade **love** that won the game for the City's team!

Excuse the backwards letters, had to take it with Matthews iPhone, I seem to have lost mine :(

Really it wasn't just my homemade **love** it was a city full of that same love.  A support from a city that never gave up, no matter how many times they lost and how many Super Bowls they didn't make it to.  I'm proud to cheer on the Saints and loudly chant