Monday, February 8, 2010

Wedding Recaps: Getting Ready

Alrighty so almost 6 months after my wedding I'm finally gonna get to recaps! I planned every single second of this wedding by myself so I'm excited to finally get to show it off!!

My day started with the uber-talented make up artist Amy Lynn Larwig...who will never tell you but had a PHENOMINAL wedding of her own, it blew me away!! You can see her blog here.

One of my best friends, Lindsey, decided to show off her hair net! Be-a-u-tiful!

We laughed, told stories, and just plain chilled while my makeup was getting done. Most people say this is where they start to freak out, but honestly I was the calmest I've ever been.

We then hopped in our vehicle and got dropped off at the chapel where we all got dressed!

My super sweet mom was so helpful... I swear she doesn't look a day older than I do! 

Lastly my veil was put on and...

This little piece was attached to the inside of my dress.  It was a piece of Matthew's mom's wedding dress and was my Something Borrowed.  The pearl bracelet you will see was a high school graduation present and was my Something Old.

My gorgeous best friend and partner in crime (also Maid of Honor) Sarah just getting ready for the big day!

Mom and Sarah fluff my dress... and the big reveal... next...

**All photos unless noted are by the GLORIOUS Shea Photography.  Find her online at :)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Where did you get that flower for your dress? I love it@

alanna said...

oh everything looks SO pretty!! your dress is GORG!! (that's short for gorgeous...haah i guess it sounds better then it looks typed out) :)