Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Babies!

Sooo...today is my Birthday! Yay! I'm a quarter of a century old and loving every minute of it! I have gotten alot of super sweet texts and Facebook messages from far and wide since all of my friends and family live at least 2 1/2 hours away...but sadly it's just not the same as when you ditched all your classes and started drinking at noon on your Day of Birth. I can even tell you between my foursome we had Birthday Weeks...you are not a person that just deserves a celebratory 'DAY' ....you are amazing enough to need a whole freaking week. I have recordings of me telling random people and screaming into cell phones "It's my F---ing Birthday!" and I don't drop bombs often at all haha! But it seems as you get older...birthdays aren't really days you celebrate with the greatest of ease. And today seems to be one of those days... According to M, he's been planning a Mexican Birthday Fiesta for me for the past week that looks as if it's gonna go south of the border real quick. The poor little thing as well most of our friends are all catching the nasty stomach bug that's been going around here like the plague. He swears he feels better but I know he secretly still feels like poo and doesn't want to bail on dinner! For me, I don't care if my Birthday is celebrated with 40 or 4, in my home or at Dos Margaritas... as long as I'm surrounded by at least ONE person that I love...I'm satisfied!
Anybody else feel like birthdays are getting harder and harder to celebrate?


Future Mrs. H said...

Happy Birthday! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!!!!

By the way - I decided when I turned 22 that I am going to be 22 FOR-EV-ER! My 21st was so exciting - 22 was eh, 23 was eh, and I am sure 24 won't be anything more than eh.

Anyways - I know Mr. Dub will make your bday spectacular and better than eh!

Miss. Pretty said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I'm still in the stage of doing the "skip class and start drinking my 12 mode".. and my next one is the BIG one.. So maybe by second annual 21st I won't feel as happy..ha.
Enjoy your day :)

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

happy birthday!!!

LauraAnn said...


Sorry, I am a day late!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Cat said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you were able to celebrate at least a little bit!