Friday, April 10, 2009


So I'm deathly afraid of bugs. They totally creep me out...crickets, grasshoppers and roaches to be most specific.

But I think I've found something that scares me EVEN MORE than creepy crawlers...


I keep reading all these posts of my fellow bloggers saying they have gotten that glorious call that thier dresses have come in. And while I'm sure that's an amazing feeling and all...I just can't get the anxiety out of my head! How embarassing is it going to be if I go in all exicted to try on my dress and the dagg-um thing doesn't fit!

Now I'm sure this won't happen...I'm exactly the same size (if not smaller) than I was when I tried on the dress but I am notorious for irrational fears! And when it comes to my big day, I'm sure more will come! I just can't quit thinking about it! What if they ordered the wrong size and I have to fit into this beautiful thing that is waaaay too small? What if they decided my size based on a sample that was super stretched out?? Once again...they measured me so I'm sure my size is I said...irrational... But it's a thought that keeps creeping into my head at all hours of the day and night!
Did any of you guys have wedding dress disasters or was it all roses when you went to try on your dress?


LauraAnn said...

My dress just came in and while I am very excited I am also very nervous deep down inside that I will not fit into my dress.

I swear that I have been gaining weight while everyone else keeps telling me that I am still losing weight but what if it still doesn't fit?!? I share your fear!

Future Mrs. H said...

I am going to try on my dress this Friday and if its too small I really might consider anorexia hahahaha.

Nicole said...

I had to get my dress fitted 2 months prior to the big day...but im not worried...its not a fitted dress...just around my rib area.. i think it depends on the type of dress..

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

I have this SAME fear!!!! I feel like I have gained about 20 pounds since I got my dress! I have actually lost sleep over it! I am getting married in less than two weeks...what if I cant zip it?! haha